About Old Radio World

Old Radio World is a radio show archive featuring some of the most popular radio programs of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Old Radio World has 1000's of old time radio downloads. About Copyrights

The first time I listened to an old time radio show I fell in love with OTR and since then it has become a hobby of mine to collect, organize, and share them with the world. While I am not from the OTR era, I have a delicate appreciation for the classic aspects of old time radio. The crackling sound, the sometimes over dramatic acting, mid range audio tone, dialect of the time, creative sound effects.

My favorite episodes are Vintage Commercials, The Shadow, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Abbott and Costello, and Amos 'n' Andy.

Growing up in a small town - Alexandria, Louisiana, some of the Amos 'n' Andy episodes remind me of my child hood when hanging out with my good ole' Grandpa, Lloyd J. Lachney. My Grandpa, after his military career, was a cotton farmer. I spent many days listening to Grandpa tell his capturing stories. My Grandpa was a master of dialect and could imitate just about any character you could think of which gave his stories even more captivating. He would have me work in the cotton fields, removing weeds, picking up sticks around the farm, picking the eggs from the chicken coop, and any other odd job he could think of. My grandpa's farm required full time attention to keep all in order and everything properly maintained. My time with my grandpa was some of my most memorable child-hood experiences and probably one of the reasons why I love old radio shows so much and why it gives me that nostalgia feeling.

It brings me great joy to organize these radio broadcasts and share them with the world. Whether you are someone who listened to these shows as a child or someone who is new to OTR, I hope you enjoy listening to your favorite "Old Time Radio Shows." Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read my little story. Stay tuned, more radio shows are coming soon!


From John McGovern Wilder, who played the voice of Craig Bullard in The Great Gildersleeve, "Old Radio World, You take me back to good times, friend. Thanks for helping keep those days alive!"
- John McGovern Wilder

I cant thank you enough for your wonderfull site. I have just finished a 2 year restoration of a 1928 Bremer Tully, Now that its working again, I'll be using a small AM transmitter and my MP3 player to brodcast the same programs that it played in its day. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks Again.
- Bill Farley