CBS Radio Mystery Theater CBSRMT - 32 Mp3 Downloads Available

CBS Radio Mystery Theater CBSRMT - OTR Picture The CBS Radio Mystery Theater (or CBSRMT) was created by Himan Brown and ran from January 6, 1974 till the final episode December 31, 1982. Himan Brown was known as a legend for his work on Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Adventures of Nero Wolfe, and many other shows dating back to the 1930's. The creation of CBSRMT was an attempt in the 1970s to revive the great drama of old-time radio.

The show aired on affiliate stations across the CBS Radio network and was broadcast nightly, running for one hour, including news and commercials. Typically, a week consisted of three to four new episodes, with the remainder of the week filled out with reruns. There were 1,399 original episodes and 2,969 total broadcasts including all of the reruns.

The format was similar to that of classic old time radio shows such as The Mysterious Traveler and The Whistler, in that there is a host, E.G. Marshall, who introduces each episode and provides pithy wisdom throughout; but, unlike the hosts of those shows, Marshall is fully mortal, merely someone whose heightened insight and erudition plunge the listener into the world of the macabre.

Picture of the cast recording the CBS Radio Mystery Theater show. The show began with the ominous sound of a creaking door, slowly opening to invite listeners in for the evening's adventure, accompanied by Marshall's disturbing intonation of, "Come in! ... Welcome; I am E.G. Marshall." At the end of each show, the door would creak and slam shut, followed by Marshall's classic signoff, "Until next time, pleasant ... dreams?," segueing into the show's haunting woodwind theme music.

Marshall hosted the program every year but the final one, when actress Tammy Grimes took over, maintaining the format.

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
The Old Ones Are Hard to Kill Jan 06, 1974 13.1 MB
The Return of the Moresbys Jan 07, 1974 13.2 MB
Lost Dog Jan 09, 1974 11.7 MB
No Hiding Place Jan 10, 1974 11.7 MB
The Golem Dec 30, 1974 9.99 MB
The Premature Burial Jan 06, 1975 11.8 MB
The Oblong Box Jan 08, 1975 11.9 MB
Berenice Jan 09, 1975 11.9 MB
Death Is So Trivial Feb 07, 1975 10.0 MB
Them! Feb 27, 1975 10.0 MB
Afraid to Live Afraid to Die Apr 23, 1975 10.0 MB
The Red Frisbee Jan 16, 1976 10.1 MB
Demon Lover May 27, 1976 7.22 MB
Loser Take All Jul 11, 1976 9.80 MB
Every Dog Has His Day Aug 21, 1976 13.8 MB
The Secret Chamber Nov 05, 1976 7.09 MB
The Smoking Pistol Dec 14, 1976 10.6 MB
Double Zero Dec 23, 1976 10.4 MB
Your Move Mr. Ellers Dec 30, 1976 10.3 MB
The Meteorite Apr 11, 1977 7.79 MB
The Ninth Volume Dec 30, 1977 7.52 MB
International Dateline Apr 25, 1978 13.5 MB
The Permanent Man Apr 08, 1979 13.2 MB
The 999999 Dollar Error Nov 14, 1979 10.3 MB
Strange New Tomorrow Nov 26, 1979 10.3 MB
The Philosophers Stone Nov 28, 1979 10.4 MB
The God Machine Jan 28, 1980 10.5 MB
The Legend Begins Jan 16, 1981 10.2 MB
Murder On the Space Shuttle Mar 09, 1981 11.9 MB
The Last Orbit Jan 08, 1982 13.1 MB
The Last Duel with Host Tammy Grimes Apr 30, 1982 7.63 MB
Resident Killer with Host Tammy Grimes Oct 25, 1982 10.0 MB