Terry and the Pirates - 12 Mp3 Downloads Available

Terry and the Pirates was a radio serial adapted from the comic strip of the same name created in 1934 by Milton Caniff. With storylines of action, high adventure and foreign intrigue, the popular radio series entralled listeners from 1937 through 1948. With scripts by Albert Barker, George Lowther and others, the program's directors included Cyril Armbrister, Wylie Adams, and Marty Andrews.

The central character, Terry Lee, was portrayed at various times by Jackie Kelk, Cliff Carpenter, Owen Jordan, and Bill Fein. Terry's buddy Pat Ryan was played by Bud Collyer, Warner Anderson, Bob Griffin, and Larry Alexander. Others in Terry's Far East entourage were Flip Corkin (Ted de Corsia), Elita (Gerta Rozan), Burma (Frances Chaney), Hotshot Charlie (Cameron Andrews) and Connie the coolie (Cliff Norton, John Gibson, Peter Donald). Throughout the Orient, they encountered plenty of evildoers, including the Dragon Lady (Agnes Moorehead, Adelaide Klein, Marion Sweet, Mina Reaume), in such adventurous episodes as "Pirate Gold Detector Ring," "Deadly Current," "The Mechanical Eye" and "The Dragon Lady Strikes Back."

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
41-12-02_Perilous Journey-Icy Winds Of China 042 4 MB
41-11-28 Terry and the Pirates 040 Radio Turned Over 3 MB
41-11-26 Terry and the Pirates 038 Approaching With Care 3 MB
41-11-27 Terry and the Pirates 039 Gen[1].Chang Is Imposter 3 MB
41-12-01_Perilous Journey-Beginning of min Zhow adventutre 041 3 MB
41-11-25 Terry and the Pirates 037 General Chang Held 3 MB
41-11-18 Terry and the Pirates 032 Terry Connie And Pat 3 MB
41-11-24 Terry and the Pirates 036 Enemy Overpowered 3 MB
41-11-20 Terry and the Pirates 034 Cabinets Switched 3 MB
41-12-03_Perilous Journey-Mountain Madness 043 3 MB
41-11-19 Terry and the Pirates 033 Radio Device Missing 3 MB
41-11-21 Terry and the Pirates 035 Escape In Progress 3 MB