Magnificent Montague - 33 Mp3 Downloads Available

The Magnificent Montague ran from 1950 to 1951 and starred Monty Woolley as Edwin Montague who along with his wife, played by Anne Seymour were always getting mixed up in comedic adventures. The show is a treat for the whole family.

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
Father of the Year 6 MB
Gossip Column [2] 7 MB
Diet 7 MB
Sharing Bungalow 7 MB
Big Ed McClune 7 MB
Boo Boo Foo Foo 7 MB
To Shave Or Not To Shave 8 MB
Starring Role in Radio 7 MB
Summer Get-Away Cottage 7 MB
Gossip Column [1] 7 MB
Aunt Agatha 8 MB
Lost in Hollywood 7 MB
$500 Prize 7 MB
To Play Romeo 7 MB
Screen Test 8 MB
Measles 7 MB
Montague's Father 7 MB
Edwin Montague Day (partial) 3 MB
Agnes Joins a Cult 7 MB
Lily Gets a Dog 7 MB
$1000 Prize 7 MB
Montague's Surprise Birthday Party 7 MB
Agnes Quits 7 MB
Baby in the House 7 MB
School 7 MB
Movie Offer 7 MB
July 4th 7 MB
Culture in Brooklyn 7 MB
Road Show 7 MB
25th Wedding Anniversary 7 MB
South Pacific Auditions 7 MB
A Child Visits 7 MB
Gwendolyn Visits 7 MB