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Les Miserables (translated variously from French as The Miserable Ones, The Wretched, The Poor Ones, The Wretched Poor, The Victims) (1862) is a novel by French author Victor Hugo, and among the best-known novels of the 19th century. It follows the lives and interactions of several French characters over a twenty year period in the early 19th century that includes the Napoleonic wars and subsequent decades. Principally focusing on the struggles of the protagonist' ex-convict Jean Valjean who seeks to redeem himself, the novel also examines the impact of Valjean's actions for the sake of social commentary. It examines the nature of good, evil, and the law, in a sweeping story that expounds upon the history of France, architecture of Paris, politics, moral philosophy, law, justice, religion, and the types and nature of romantic and familial love.

Hugo was inspired by the real-life criminal/policeman Francois Eugene Vidocq, and split his personalities into the two main characters in his novel. Les Miserables is known to many through its numerous stage and screen adaptations, of which the most famous is the stage musical of the same name, commonly known as "Les Mis" or, more commonly "Les Miz" (pronounced /ley miz/).

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
The Bishop Part 1 6.72 MB
Javare Part 2 6.67 MB
The Trial Part 3 5.79 MB
Cosette Part 4 6.60 MB
The Grave Part 5 5.50 MB
Finish Part 7 6.04 MB