It Pays To Be Ignorant - 26 Mp3 Downloads Available

It Pays to Be Ignorant was a radio comedy show which maintained its popularity during a nine-year run on three networks for such sponsors as Philip Morris, Chrysler, and DeSoto.

The series was a spoof on the authoritative, academic discourse evident on such authoritative panel series as Quiz Kids and Information Please, while the beginning of the program parodied the popular quiz show, Doctor I.Q. With announcers Ken Roberts and Dick Stark, the program was broadcast on Mutual from June 25, 1942 to February 28, 1944, on CBS from February 25, 1944 to September 27, 1950 and finally on NBC from July 4, 1951 to September 26, 1951.

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
Why Is a Watchdog Smaller In The Daytime 7 MB
What Did the Dog Say When He Sat on the Sandpaper 7 MB
What Is a Windowscreen 7 MB
What is a Revolver 7 MB
Can A Letter Box 7 MB
How Do You Keep Milk From Souring 7 MB
What Kind of a Person Lives The Longest 7 MB
How Can You Tell A Jersey Cow 7 MB
Where Do Bugs Go In The Winter 7 MB
What is an Optimist 7 MB
What is a Duck 7 MB
What is a Mother-In-Law Sandwich 6 MB
When is a Watermelon a Vegetable 7 MB
What Happens When a Race Track Gets Flooded 6 MB
Why is Marriage Like Taking A Bath 7 MB
What is a New Years Resolution 7 MB
How Can You Make a Woman Keep Her Mouth Shut 6 MB
Why Does A Chicken Cross The Street 7 MB
Who Was Rip Van Winkle 7 MB
Why Do People Eat Garlic 7 MB
What is A Mother in Law 7 MB
Why Do Some People Eat With Their Knives 7 MB
Why Do Wedding Bells Ring 6 MB
What is the Best Way to Keep Bills Down 7 MB
Do Married Men Live Longer Then Single Men 7 MB
What Is A Window 7 MB