Frontier Town - 8 Mp3 Downloads Available

Frontier Town - OTR Picture Chad Remington was a two fisted lawyer in the town of Dos Rios. Chad's sidekick, Cherokee O'Bannon, played by Wade Crosby, who performed his role in a W.C. Fields dialect. Mr. Chandler remained in the lead role for the first 23 shows and was replaced by Reed Hadley who played Remington until the end of the series.

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
Bank Held Up by John Smith 3.23 MB
Chad Remington's Father Murdred 3.48 MB
Guade Dunsten State Senator 3.26 MB
Guns of Wrath 3.28 MB
Lefty Slaughter 3.29 MB
Marie Hocksee and the Lost Continent Map 3.28 MB
Rocky Care Claim Jumper 3.22 MB
Walley of Lawless Men 3.30 MB