Danger Dr. Danfield - 8 Mp3 Downloads Available

Dr. DANIEL DANFIELD was an obnoxious unlicensed private investigator/criminal psychologist with an ego complex, and the title character of perhaps the worst radio detective series ever: Danger, Dr. Danfield. He gave the entire genre of the radio detective a bad name. If there's a worst one, I haven't heard it.

In what is probably the first episode (show dates of this series are unknown), "Hazel and the Count," Danfield manages to be insulting, obnoxious, conceited, and condescending to his host. All of this in a conversation of less than two minutes. This particular episode has my vote for the worst single episode of any radio detective series. The acting is bad, the writing worst, and the announcer manages to blow the show's title and starts laughing. Try saying it rapidly three times, and see how far you get!

This series consistently featured some of the worst acting and writing of any detective show to reach the airwaves. The show had a formula with the crime usually being committed in the first third of the program, the good doctor solving it in the second third, and then pedantically explaining the solution to someone (usually his "pretty, young" secretary, Rusty) in the conclusion. Why Rusty would put up with this guy is beyond me. In this case, love is not only blind, but also deaf and dumb. But then, Rusty was no prize package either. Too bad one of the bad guys wasn't able to rub both of them out; unfortunately these crooks were incredibly inept.

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
Life Insurance Claim 6.18 MB
Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be A Star Feb 02, 1947 6.04 MB
Who Will Live Longer Dec 15, 1946 5.96 MB
Money in a Basket 5.98 MB
Birdina Gilded Cage 6.01 MB
Snowbound 5.91 MB
The Whirling Mirror 6.02 MB
Death Paints a Picture 7.45 MB