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Boris Karloff - OTR Picture Boris Karloff (born William Henry Pratt) (Camberwell, London, England, November 23, 1887 - February 2, 1969) was an English actor, who migrated to Canada in the 1910s, best known for his roles in horror films and his portrayal of Frankenstein's monster in 1931 film Frankenstein. His popularity following Frankenstein in the early 1930s was such that for a brief time he was billed simply as "Karloff" or, on some movie posters, "Karloff the Uncanny".

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
The White House Dec 20, 1957 1.99 MB
Dr. Harvey Cushing Dec 19, 1957 1.98 MB
Story Of Wood Dec 18, 1957 1.98 MB
Shakespeare's Hometown Dec 17, 1957 1.98 MB
Chung Ling Soo Dec 16, 1957 2.00 MB
Special Message To Station Owners Dec 15, 1957 .19 MB