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Bold Venture - OTR Picture Bold Venture was a 1951-1952 syndicated radio series starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Morton Fine and David Friedkin scripted the taped series for Bogart's Santana Productions.

Salty seadog Slate Shannon (Bogart) owns a Cuban hotel sheltering an assortment of treasure hunters, revolutionaries and other shady characters. With his sidekick and ward, the sultry Sailor Duval (Bacall), tagging along, he encounters modern-day pirates and other tough situations while navigating the waters around Havana. Aboard his boat, the Bold Venture, Slate and Sailor experience "adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance in the sultry settings of tropical Havana and the mysterious islands of the Caribbean."

Calypso singer King Moses (Jester Hairston) provided musical bridges by threading plot situations into the lyrics of his songs. Music by David Rose. Beginning March 26, 1951, the Frederic W. Ziv Company syndicated 78 episodes. Other sources claim that the 78 episodes include reruns, and that there were only around 30 episodes. Heard on 423 stations, the 30-minute series earned $4000 weekly for Bogart and Bacall.

31 episodes are known to exist in 2007, some are known by more than one title which can make it appear that there are more.

Available Episodes

Episode Title Broadcast Date File Size
Welcome Back to Civilization Dead Man Nov 22, 1946 5.93 MB
Blue Moon Jun 16, 1950 6.03 MB
Tears Of Shiva Jun 16, 1950 6.09 MB
Death By A Fighting Bird Jan 03, 1953 5.93 MB
The Quam Yi Statue Jan 03, 1953 5.99 MB
The Dead Matt Jeffrey May 13, 1956 5.87 MB
Isle of Pines May 13, 1956 5.88 MB
Havens Venezuelan Isle Oct 19, 1951 5.82 MB
Ruthie Ryan's Father Nov 22, 1946 5.91 MB