Free Old Time Radio Shows from "The Golden Age of Radio!"

Old Time Radio Welcome to Old Radio World! Here at you will find some of the most popular radio programs of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Before television, radio provided entertainment by presenting radio plays and programs of mystery, intrigue, and comedy. There was also news and soap operas.

If you are new to old time radio, have a look at how the sound men created the broadcasts with sound effects. The nine minute video, "Back of the Mike", begins with a child listening to the radio and his imagination is put on the screen. The camera then goes to a 1930s era radio sound studio where the program is originating. This video gives you an insightful look at how those intriguing and astonishing sounds were created.


Abbott and Costello | Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet | Aldrich Family | Amos n Andy | Baby Snooks Show | Blondie | Bob Hope | Date with Judy | Ed Wynn The Fire Chief | Father Knows Best | Fibber McGee and Molly | Great Gildersleeve | It Pays To Be Ignorant | Jack Benny | Judy Canova Show | Magnificent Montague | Our Miss Brooks | Red Skelton


A Canticle for Liebowitz | Adventures By Morse | Adventures of Maisie | Adventures of the Thin Man | Authors Playhouse | Black Museum | Bold Venture | Campbell Playhouse | Cathy and Elliott Lewis On Stage | Dragnet | Encore Theater | FBI in Peace and War | First Nighter Program | Gang Busters | Lives of Harry Lime | Nightbeat | Price of Fear | Radio City Playhouse | Terry and the Pirates | Wayside Theater | Yours Truly Johnny Dollar


Adventures of Leonidas Witherall | Barry Craig Confidential Investigator | Beyond Midnight | Boris Karloff | Candy Matson | CBS Radio Mystery Theater | Danger Dr Danfield | Escape | Horatio Hornblower | Lights Out Radio Shows | Man Called X | Quiet Please | Suspense | Whistler


2000 Plus | Avenger | Batman | Blue Beetle | Falcon | Flash Gordon | Frankenstein | Journey to the Center of the Earth | Mind Webs | Omar The Wizard Of Persia | Planet Man | Superman | X Minus One


American Trail | Death Valley Days | Fort Laramie | Frontier Town | Gene Autry | Gunsmoke | Hopalong Cassidy | Red Ryder | Roy Rogers | Tales Of The Texas Rangers | The Town Crier


Adventures of Sam Spade | Amazing Mr Malone | Blackstone The Magic Detective | Boston Blackie | Sherlock Holmes | The Shadow


Artie Shaw | Benny Goodman | Bob Crosby | Eddie Arnold Show | Glen Miller | Louis Armstrong | Ray Anthony Show | Theater of Hits | Tommy Dorsey


Fireside Chat with Franklin D. Roosevelt | Green Valley Line | Jerry of the Circus | Les Miserables | Lux Radio Theatre | Vintage Commercials | Voices of History | World War II News Broadcasts

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